Boarding Facility

Pricing Fluctuates

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What We Offer

  • 100 acres for your horse to exercise on

  • Large covered dome

  • Separate pens and stalls

  • Easy loading and unloading horse trailers with our multi-gate system

  • Automated Watering Trough

  • Storage for horse trailer and feeding supplies

What we ask you to bring

  • Your own feeding supplies including hay, grain, etc.

  • A horse trailer to transport your horses

  • Halters and/or leads

  • Horse blankets (if colder weather)

Your Horse's Dream Vacation


Do you just board horses?

Our fences are currently only set up to handle horses. You can email us for more information.

How many horses can I bring?

You can bring as many as you want!

Do I have to supply the hay?

We ask that you bring your own hay because of possible allergy's your horse may have. Your horse may also be use to your personal hay. If you cannot bring hay, alfalfa, or straw, we can supply hay for a separate fee.

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